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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sleeve and Sky

Cozy in Cables Sweater with one sleeve donePattern: Cozy in Cables Toddler Sweater

Yarn: Reynold's Lopi, 100% Icelandic Wool

Color: 738 - Red with multi flecks

Needles: Addi Turbo 10.5

Gauge: 12 stitches/4 inches in SS

This is the pattern I'm knitting and writing for the CIC_Knit List sweater/vest challenge. Very simple. The body is knit in the round from the bottom up. There is a three needle bind-off at the shoulders. The sleeves are worked in the round from the top down after picking up stitches along the edge of the armhole.

At three stitches/inch, the Lopi knits up thick and quick. Many yarns called "bulky weight" would be way to loose and limp at this gauge. Once the Lopi gets washed and blooms, it will be warm and fluffy - ready to keep a cold child warm and cozy.

That little, innocent looking sleeve took three tries before it turned out the way I wanted it.

The first time I knit it, the decreases ended a little too soon. Just a little. I thought the sleeve would be better if the decreases shifted four rows toward the cuff. But it really was acceptable the way it was. If I wasn't knitting this to write up as a pattern for others to use, I never would have frogged the sleeve and started over.

When I was almost done with the sleeve the second time, I noticed the stitch count was not equal on both sides of the cable. I had carelessly worked the decreases one stitch off center of the underarm. When things that are supposed to be symmetric are not symmetric, I frog. So the almost finished sleeve got ripped out a second time and I vowed to pay closer attention.

Third time was the charm. One sleeve done, the instructions written down, ready for the second sleeve. I WILL NOT think about the fact that I have already knit three sleeves for this sweater and it should be done.

Once the sweater is finished, I will write up the pattern, print it off for myself, and knit a second identical sweater in blue to proof the pattern as accurately as anyone can proof their own writing.

Although I hoped to have the pattern posted before the long weekend is over, it isn't looking likely. However I do plan to keep my other knitting in the bag and only work on the sweater pattern until it's done.

Blue sky on September 2, 2006This corner of SW Michigan is having a beautiful, sunny, cool weekend. When I took the dogs out for their early morning walk it was only 52 degrees. Now, in the middle of the afternoon, it's 72 degrees. Beautiful.

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