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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Blue Sky and Blue Socks

Blue Sky, September 16, 2006Although I'm not an official member of the Saturday Sky gang, I keep taking sky pictures and wondering why I never though of doing it before I read about it.

Sometimes it isn't even Saturday when I'm clicking pictures of the blue, or not so blue, sky. And I love looking at everyone else's sky pictures, even though most of them look like sky I could see here in Michigan. There's just something about the sky.

This was our SW Michigan sky this morning. Although we had sun today, there is an autumn chill in the air. No doubt it won't be long and the leaves will be on the ground and the snow will be flying.

Bobs Boring Birthday Socks FinishedPattern: Bob's Boring Birthday Socks - Totally basic k1, p1 ribbing on cuff

Yarn: Opal 6-Ply #1253 stranded with Knitpicks Essential Dusk to make a worsted weight gauge

Needles: Addi Turbo 5

Gauge: 5 stitches/inch

What's to say about these socks?

They are just what Bob likes and he is going to love them and wear them often. That was my mantra as I knit them. When I wasn't chanting the mantra, I was wondering if there would be enough yarn left to make myself a pair. . . .

My Boring 6 ply Socks Finished. . . and there was - almost.

I had to finish the toe of the last sock with the gray from a different 6-Ply colorway. Since I wasn't trying to get the socks to match, it was OK.

These socks are an experiment to see if I like wearing socks this heavy in the winter. I'm wondering how they will feel in my boots and if they will be noticeably warmer than my fingering weight wool socks.

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