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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Knitalongs in the Snow

Knit Unto Others KAL buttonMargene and Carole are hosting a very short, two week Thanksgiving time knitalong to remind us to share our knitting talents with those in need.

I don't do many knitalongs, but this one is right on target with my desire to whip up some CIC socks for the kids, so I signed on. I plan to start knitting this evening and hope to complete four pair of CIC socks during the next two weeks.

Click on the button if you want to join. Any charity knitting done in the last two weeks of November counts. Your choice of charity.

New Clover bamboo circular needles Next Wednesday Mom and I are off to Virginia for Thanksgiving at Sister Doris's beautiful new Scottsville home. Sister Carrie is meeting us there, so it will be three sisters, Mom, and my very outnumbered brother-in-law John.

Since we're doing airplane carryon luggage, I decided the time was perfect to stop at the yarn store and pick up some non-metal knitting needles.

This is what they had - Clover bamboo premium circular knitting needles. I scooped up two #5s, planning to knit mindless CIC socks while enjoying my family's company over the Thanksgiving holiday. The cords seem a bit stiff, but that shouldn't be too much of a problem with the worsted weight wool.

In January, Janet Szabo is hosting an Aran knitalong on the Aranknit list. It will be one of her patterns designed especially for the list, knit top down, and provide detailed instructions for inexperienced Aran knitters.

I've been wanted to do an Aran for some time now, and this sounds like the perfect opportunity. I'm daydreaming about yarn and colors I might use. I think it's a go.

First snow of the season on a pile of leaves Winter blew into SW Michigan today. High winds and some snow.

This morning I went grocery shopping and while loading the groceries into the trunk, the trunk lid blew down on my head. Ouch!

Before taking the dogs out for their afternoon walk I was highly motivated to haul out my Squall Parka and gloves. And, of course, I wore my new helmet hat. Warm. Very cosy. Nice.

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