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Monday, November 21, 2005

Knit Unto Others - Two

Knit Unto Others KAL button Knit Unto Others, a short, two week Thanksgiving knitalong where we knit to warm those in need of warmth.

My Knit Unto Others goal is four pair of children's socks for CIC. Here's the second pair.

First pair of CIC socks for Knit Unto OthersYarn: Knitpicks Wool of the Andes

Color: Violet

Needles: Clover bamboo premium circular knitting needles, #5.

Gauge: 5.5 stitches/inch, 7.5 rows/inch

Pattern: No written pattern.

The socks are knit on 30 stitches, 15 instep stitches, 15 heel stitches.

The stitch pattern is a multiple of 6 stitches, 6 rows.

Row 1: p,k2,p,k2
Row 2: p,k,yo,k,yo,p,k2
Row 3: p,cross2,p,k2
Row 4: p,k2,p,k2
Rpw 5: p,k2,p,k,yo,k,yo
Row 6: p,k2,p,cross2

Special instructions for cross2:

  • Slip 2 knit stitches as if to purl, popping corresponding yarn overs off the needle and letting them drop. The result is 2 elongated stitches on the right hand needle.
  • Grab the rightmost elongated stitch with the point of the left needle and lift it over the leftmost elongated stitch and onto the left needle.
  • Slide the remaining elongated stitch onto the left needle.
  • Knit the crossed elongated stitches onto the right hand needle, being careful to keep them in order.

When working the heel, the purl stitch from the heel needle was moved to the instep needle. The heel was worked on 14 stitches. The pattern was continued down the instep with 16 stitches, each row starting and ending with a purl.

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