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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Introduction to Carrots

Sydney looking forward to a good mealBring on the food. I'm ready for dinner.

Sydney Anne is eagerly expecting a yummy dinner of rice cereal. To this point in her very young life, rice cereal and milk have been the whole of her diet, and that's been fine with her.

Anne, her mom, is getting ready to feed Sydney something new and very different. Grandma (me) and Dad are hanging around with cameras to catch Sydney's introduction to carrots.

Sydney tasting carrots for the first timeWhat was that you put in my mouth?

Sydney spitting out carrotsYou may have put it in my mouth, but I don't have to keep it there.

Sydney making an awful face after tasting carrotsGrandma, Dad, are you going to just stand there and let her feed me this stuff?

The Rest of the Story . . .
Wanting a successful introduction to carrots, Anne mixed some rice cereal in with them so to blah down the flavor. Sydney ended up eating the toned down mixture and the next day she ate more. On the third day, she ate squash.

Grandma (me), not being a cooked carrot or squash lover, thought Sydney did very well with her new vegetables. And I bet she's going to love the fruit when she gets it.

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