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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

New Laptop Learning Curve

A little over a week ago my step-son Jeff arrived with a new laptop for me.

It was not a surprise. It was purchased with my approval and my money. I so appreciate that he went shopping for me, because he knows what he's doing in a computer store and I don't.

He helped me with the initial set-up, did all the file transfers, and installed some of the software that I use. I probably could have done this, but he did it much faster and with 100% less muttering and groaning.

Thank you, Jeff!!

I now have a touchscreen, Windows 8.1, and a new version of photo managing software. They are all requiring a learning curve when I'm not distracted by personalizing the laptop so I am functional and happy. It's like getting a new puppy - one forgets how much time this takes.

Also, I need to mention that I have a new car, a new house, and a new marriage which all require a learning curve.

It's all good, especially the new marriage. I wouldn't give any of it back. I am so glad to be retired so I have time for all this learning.

Why am I writing this?
  • A diary for me of this time period.
  • An excuse for not blogging.
  • A declaration that I will be blogging again when I get done figuring out how to do it Windows 8.1 style.
P.S. I just spent over an hour trying to add a picture to this blog post. There will be no picture today.


Anonymous said...

You totally crack me up! Love you! Barb

Jan said...

Been there, done that...sure made me grouchy. I keep telling my kids I miss windows 3.1!

Can't wait to see all the wonderful things you'll do with it, though. What did you get?

Kathy... said...

Enjoy the challenge. I recently crossed over to the Apple world. I now LOVE my new IMac, but I needed good toe grips for that steep climb. Looking forward to your regular posts again - when the time is right for you. Love so that you are enjoying life.

Raymond said...

Take your time to get used to the new system; Windows 8.1 is pretty unique and tricky to use effectively, so you can take comfort in the fact that you're far from alone in that struggle. As someone who works in tech support, I commend you for having a can-do attitude about it. That's half the battle, in my experience.

Raymond @ CKS Global Solutions LTD