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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Test Picture Post

My previous program for reducing the size of pictures to make them blog worthy does not work on Windows 8.1.

Fortunately the updated Canon software I use to edit my photos will reduce their size. Just needed time to play around with it a while and this post is hopefully the proof that I finally got it right.

As always, readers can double click on blog photos to see more detail.

Windows 8.1 and I are slowly becoming friends. It's different, for sure. The learning curve has been a time suck, and so have many other things I'm/we're working on getting done.

My new laptop is much faster and the display screen much sharper, so I can make and correct mistakes quicker. That's nice. The new laptop and I are friends and almost in love.

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Kathy... said...

Yay....for climbing that learning curve! Stand Proud!