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Saturday, May 23, 2015

My New Ride

Monday Jay and I picked up my new ride at the Subaru dealership, breaking my thirty-five year tradition of Toyota loyalty.

She's a 2015 Subaru Legacy all wheel drive sedan in Carbide Gray, a medium dark gray with strong blue overtones. I love the color, and so far I love the car.

She's not officially named yet, but I'm leaning toward calling her Smokey.

Smokey replaces a fifteen year old Camry, my Y2K car.

I loved my old Camry. Until a month ago I planned on replacing her with another Camry and considered that a no-brainer decision.

In fact, I was just waiting for the 2015 Camry to be available because I didn't like last year's Camry taillights (picture below). They looked like someone chopped a hole in them to insert the 'Camry' name. I figured the hole would get filled in by 2015.

And the hole did get filled in. I like the 2015 Camry from the rear. But the huge grill they put on the front (picture below) is very much not me.

The more I tried to appreciate the front of the 2015 Camry (picture above), the more I realized it wasn't going to happen.

Then my old Camry developed a CLUNK. It was the kind of CLUNK that I knew fixing would cost more money than the car was worth. Car shopping got serious. Since I wasn't over the 2015 Camry grill yet, I did what any woman would do - - I whined to my husband.

Husband Jay was very helpful. He pointed out that when we open the door from the house to the garage we are staring directly at the front grill of my car. He was too nice to say that he didn't want to hear about that Camry grill every time we opened the door, but I'm sure he was thinking it.

He also mentioned that I have friends driving Subarus who love them and Subarus have all wheel drive for Michigan winters.

We took a Subaru Legacy test drive and I was sold.

The Subaru picture (below) was taken from our doorway to the garage. Every time I go out that door, which is often, I appreciate the wisdom and kindness of my husband.

Smokey and Porky (Jay's Explorer) are happy together in the garage.


Anonymous said...

My sister and her hubby love their Suburu Forrester. Wish they were in Battle Creek - hate the thought of driving to K-zoo to get a car serviced. And yes, I still do not like my 2013 Fushion.

Damon Sherman said...

Nice ride. About breaking your Toyota streak, you're better than I am because I could never NOT drive a Chevy. I feel like the world would implode or something if I bought anything other than my trusty, good ol' Chevrolet. LOL. Smokey would be a good name for your new car. That grill on the new Camry is a bit much. I wonder what they were thinking with that one? LOL.

Damon Sherman @ Butler Auto Hyundai

Diana Hayes said...

I had a little trouble deciding between two cars, but went with the 2015 Subaru Legacy too! You really need to get behind the wheel and see for yourself how great this car really is. The decision was simple for me after I rode it and sat with the salesman. You will love your 2015 Subaru Legacy just like me.

Diana Hayes @ Baldwin Subaru