Let the past sleep, but let it sleep in the sweet embrace of Christ, and let us go on into the invincible future with Him. (Oswalt Chambers)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Snapshot for February 23, 2012

Weather in SW Michigan ...
AccuWeather spent yesterday talking about the foot of snow we were going to get last night and today. The above freezing temperature didn't dip enough for most of the nighttime accumulation to happen and this morning I woke up to about an inch of wet, sticky snow.

It's a bit below freezing now and it is still lightly snowing. I don't think a foot is going to happen, but with Lake Effect Snow one can never be sure. The forecast is for temps in the 40s again by Sunday.

Really? ...
I always chuckle to myself when I hear someone brag about their "designer dog" such as Labradoodle or Cockapoo.

Designer dogs are not a breed with standards. They are mutts. I have one of those - Sunny - and it amuses me to call her a "designer dog" on her rabies certificate, dog license, and vet records.

I can't guess what was mixed to "design" her, but I am sure it took more than one generation and more than two actual breeds.

Something from the kitchen ...
I'm still working on learning how to run a kitchen for one.

I like to have eggs handy, but I've had to throw out many of them when they pass their expiration date. (Actually I don't throw them out, I set them outside for the raccoons to eat.)

Last week I bought a carton of eight eggs. According to the expiration date, they're good for about a month. Maybe I could use up a carton if I had eggs for lunch once a week.

I am creating...
Finished the Starry Night socks last week. Picture soon.

I am procrastinating ...
Starting the paperwork for the income taxes. Sigh.

I am reading...
The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan. Second book in the The Wheel of Time fantasy series.

I am hearing...
Michiganders complaining about the number of Republican primary robo calls they're getting.

Next Tuesday, February 28, is presidential primary day and we're being overrun with annoying calls and ads. Yesterday we even had Herman Cain in Kalamazoo supporting a local candidate and talking about 999 on local news programs after I though I never had to hear about that tax plan again.

Outdoors ...
Moss is taking over the property. It's growing in the lawn, in the gardens, on the cement, on the propane tank, and up the north side of the house.

Here's some new moss that appears to be sprouting out of the cement with some established moss at the bottom of the picture.

Good grief! How am I going to sell this house if it's covered with moss?

Something new for me ...
An LED candle.

I have a nightlight for Sunny in the bedroom. She has a bad back and it's critical that she's able to see to use the dog stairs to get on and off the bed and especially that she doesn't fall off the bed.

A few weeks ago there was a power outage in the middle of the night. I'm not comfortable sleeping with a candle burning, so I propped up a flashlight to light the way for Sunny and went back to sleep with a promise to myself to come up with a better solution.

The LED candle works perfect, like a nightlight powered on AAA batteries.

A few plans for the next few days
I've been resting and using heat to give my jaw a chance to heal. Talking annoys it, so I've been staying home except for the necessities.

Three weeks after the extraction of the (hopefully) responsible tooth, the healing is going much slower than I would like, but it is happening.

Giving thanks for ...
The mild winter, even if it has created a moss invasion.

And ...
I received something very cute and useful in the mail a week ago. It deserves a post of its own. Will show you soon.


christine said...

When we collect our eggs from under our hens there are no expiration dates. The spoilage of an egg is due to the loss of air through the shell which is porous. The way an egg can be determined fresh, aged or unsafe to eat is as follows...

Fill a jar with water gently place egg in the water.

A fresh egg will lay on the bottom.

An egg that is not nealy as fresh as the day it was laid will raise the rounded end off of the bottom of the jar. The sharp pointy end will remain weighted on the bottom of the jar. This egg is safe to eat and makes for easier peeling when boiled.

An egg that is no longer fresh or safe for eating is an egg that floats off the bottom of the jar and suspends part way up the jar or rises to the surface of the water.

Judy S. said...

Love your starry night socks! Sounds like MI is turning into WA in the moss department. We've got this weird white stuff that grows on the sidewalks along with lots of green moss as well. Slippery stuff that moss is! Sounds like you're on the mend....glad to hear it!

kathy b said...

I cannot wait to see your socks!!!

I NEVER even check egg expiration dates...we don't use many ....hmmmmm

YOU are doing great M. WInter can be so dreary and you are hanging in there......
and even posting!

Mrs. Susan Wike said...

I have a designer mutt and I love him. He's a chuihuahua, pomeranian mix--known as a chiranian. I went to the humane society to adopt a dog and this little bugger played peek a boo with me and I was hooked!!! I love this little dog. I was warned that he would be yappy and high maintenance, etc, but the little guy has been such a joy and so much fun. Love those doggies!

Anonymous said...

It was 76 degrees here yesterday which brought tornados. Oh how I hate tornado season (yes, I said "hate").

I have the same problem with eggs. How can they stay fresh for a month? I toss out more than I use.

Herman Cain lives 2 miles from me - lol. We vote on Super Tuesday but still have not had any robo calls and very few TV ads. Makes me happy.

robynsnest said...

I love the Starry Night socks you are making. Where did you get your yarn? My LYSs don't have it in stock.

I'm enjoying the mild winter we are having, but my daughter is wishing for more snow. She's needs help. :)

I hope your jaw feels better soon.

Kathy... said...

Oh Yes....I know ALL about those annoying robo-calls for the politicians! I'd just as soon have some other state be the "first in the nation" when it comes caucus time.

It always makes me shudder when people talk about "teacup chihuahuas". There is really no such thing. Just tiny little dogs, and when they are bred to be that way - not a good thing. Sofee is plenty tiny enough, and at 4.2LB probably would take a big coffee mug to accommodate her! Take care.... K.
oh - and actually I think your moss is quite beautiful!