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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Chat Back for February 4

Responding to comments left since the last time I did Chat Back.

Betty asked . . .
Would you recommend this brand (Stalwart Sock from Slackford Studio) for knitting size 13 men's sock? I want to be sure I don't have to worry about running out and I have bought this before but only for a raffle gift. It was sooo beautiful.
Maybe. This is what I know:

For a size 14 foot sock knit on 72 stitches with a 7 inch long cuff and simple stitch pattern that doesn't eat up extra yarn -
  • One 50g skein of Regia will get me to the start of the toe decreases.
  • Stalwart from Slackford Studio is a bit less heavy than Regia, so it requires a few more rows for the same length.
  • The difference is not enough to require more stitches around.
  • This year when I selected Stalwart for Dave's socks, I bought two 100g skeins, knit one sock per skein.
  • I have 53g of yarn left in each ball. Plenty for a pair of women's socks.

Kathy B. asked . . .
Your coffee stained shirt though ,made me giggle. Is that appropriate????
I'm always happy when I can make someone giggle. Especially Kathy B., who has caused me to giggle many times.

Rita asked . . .
I want to know about your tooth ache. Is it better now?
The short answer is: I think so.

I put this question last so I could write a long answer and all readers who don't want to read it can move on to the next blog.

A week ago Friday I thought I was going to have more oral surgery. When I got to the endodontist he did some tests on my teeth and declared that the molar next to the suspected tooth needed a root canal. Even if that wasn't the main problem, it needed to be done in order to find the main problem. I agreed and had a molar root canal and went home hoping to find relief. Then I spend the next few days trying to pretend my jaw didn't hurt as much.

Next Wednesday, back to the endodondist. He suggested removing the tooth that had the root canal and the jaw surgery last spring, the theory being there must be a small crack in the root that was hiding infection. This required a new appointment with an oral surgeon.

Thursday afternoon the most expensive tooth in my mouth (root canal, apicoectomy, crown) came out. My jaw is still sore and healing, but the pain is not radiating up the whole right side of my head anymore. I have optimistic hopes that removing the tooth was the right thing to do and all will be well in a few days.

If not, I'm sure I'll be whining about it right here on this blog.


Dorothy said...

I don't think you're whining at all! I'm so glad to hear that you might finally be finding some relief. Too bad all that work didn't come with a guarantee, or at least credit toward the extraction!

Rita said...

Thank you Marguerite, I feel better now knowing that you are on the mend,makes me feel better.That said, my dear, I had an interest in this tooth business, because last May it was my turn for complications that were just as awful as yours. My trouble however was in front on the upper front teeth. I had them crowned many years ago and like you took excellent care of all of my teeth. then last May I had a pain in one of my front crowns, and went to have it checked right away. X rays showed nothing. Dentist said don't worry about it.

Long story short, 3 dentist later,
two new crowns later, 6 wks time, everything came crashing down, the new root canals
that come with new crowns were not done properly, there was a crack in one of them and infection resulted in my cheek being swollen overnight doubled in size , the infection was racing to my brain,I was a sick puppy. Mega doses of antibiotics and pain killers. right now I can't have and implant, it's too soon. so I have a little partial, which I hate, but it's better than to co ntinue my daily, evey other day visit to the dentist. Implants are in the cards in the future. Getting older is not for sissies (sp)?

my best to you

Judy S. said...

Sure hope that today finds you feeling LOTS better! I love that sock pattern you're making for Karen...wonder if I saved that copy?

Lynn said...

You know what?? If the offending tooth needs to come out after all that, well then it was worth the effort to try and save it and then rip that puppy out!!!! Hope you feel better soon!!!! and I like the color of the Stalwart Sock yarn you have left.