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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Chat Back for September 24

Responding to comments left since the last time I did Chat Back.

AnnP wrote . . .
I love the wild bird pictures you post and hope there will be more!

There will be more. I'm even eyeing a new camera with a more powerful zoom lens. Maybe that will be my Christmas present to me.

Dorothy asked . . .
The Herbed Scallops made my mouth water - were they as tasty as they looked.

They were good. Not wonderful, but definitely good. The second night leftovers were better than the out-of-the-oven first night. When I make them again, I may refrigerate them over night to let the flavors blend before I eat any of them.

Dorothy asked . . .
How are you liking Max Lucado's book?
Too soon to tell. It's not a serious Bible study like Bible Study Fellowship. The book is more a challenge to service with a few Bible verses mentioned in each chapter.

Second meeting of our fellowship group is tomorrow evening. It's going to take a few meetings before I get a good feel for the group, but I can tell it's more fellowship and not so much Bible Study. And there is lots of good food and eating. I'm making Orange Spiced Pecans to bring.

JoLyn asked . . .
Are you knitting?
Not yet but soon.

I know I keep saying that and I think it's true.

There will be some socks for Christmas gifts for sure.

Carrie asked . . .
We know how Glory is doing, and you're taking great care of her. How are the little dogs doing these days?
Sunny had some muscle spasms last week to the point where she couldn't climb her stairs. She has severe spondylosis (spinal osteoarthritis, a degenerative disorder that causes loss of normal spinal structure and function.)

A Xanax (for her, not me) worked magic, and she was back to her normal walking the next day. Xanax is a magical doggy muscle relaxant.

Pappy is much happier since his anal gland infusion a few weeks ago. He goes back for a checkup next Wednesday.

Kathleen C. asked . . .
How are the birds?
Well fed. It's been a good year for growing weeds and hatching insects. They have plenty to eat in the wild, but I know it's time to start thinking about buying seed for winter feeding.

Vickie asked . . .
What is the special order yarn you're getting? Would you recommend the Slackford Studio Stalwart Sock yarns?
Stalward is my very favorite sock yarn. Great stitch definition, machine wash and dry, smooth on the needles.

I ordered two skeins of a colorway called "Out of India", a very wild, bright mix of colors to knit for Brother Dave. He always says he wants wild socks and these will be.

For Karen, his partner, I ordered "Woodgrain", a beautiful mix of medium browns.

Susan has the yarn dyed, but last I heard it's not skeined and ready to ship yet. When I get it, I'll post a picture.


Judy S. said...

Hi There! I just noticed the crocosmia in your header~great color! How much sun does it need? Mine is pining away..... How about sharing the recipe for Orange spice nuts? Sounds very yummy! Glad to see you posting again. Loved the turkey pictures too. Hugs.

Carrie said...

:) I always love the dog pictures. They look beautiful, as always.

Jan said...

Re Slackford sock yarn... I won some in a contest Marguerite held about 18 months ago. I made a Brandywine shawl with it which looks lovely. I enjoyed knitting with it.

There's a poor photo of it here but you can see some of the definition. I moved the rug it was blocking on as I took the photo, but the post also tells of stitch definition.

Chris said...

Orange Spice nuts sound so yummy!!!
Chris in SE michigan

kathy b said...

Im off to look at stalward yarns!
Im thinking of getting a bird feeder than shuts when a squirrel gets on it....have you used this type? Does it work?

old master said...

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