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Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Last Willow Makes a Mess

This has been a summer of many storms. Living where I do, that means power outages and branches down.

Last Saturday the last willow tree on our property (we're not counting all the willow shoots that are popping up where there used to be willow trees), split and thirty feet of it fell the length of the creek.

Two years ago I got an price for removing this tree. $2,000. It's location and all the surrounding water made for a difficult project. I decided to let it stand in hopes it would hold up until I moved out. Lost that gamble.

The lower right of the top picture is the bridge to the back three acres. There is about a foot wide where the dogs and I can still get across.

Everything is too heavy for me to move. The tree service has been called. They're swamped with urgent work and the owner is on vacation, so I won't get a price until next week sometime. Then the work can be scheduled and I hope it won't be too long.

This last picture was taken from the bridge looking down the creek.

Glory, who loves to wade into the creek multiple times a day, can no longer get down the bank. She's very unhappy about that. All the other places she might go in require walking in mud and/or muck and getting rinsed off with a hose before being allowed back in the house. Neither one of us likes that.

It could be worse. This tree was in power line range but fell in the opposite direction. Always something to be thankful for.


Dorothy said...

Well, if it fell and downed a power line, would the power company then be responsible? You can be sure it would be handled a little sooner. Poor Glory - dogs certainly don't like their routines manhandled, especially when they're old! Just like the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure folks your way always want/need wood. How about a Church, Boy Scout, or Community Center looking for a project? You could always screen the applicants.

MarieR said...

Why do these things always happen when we need every ounce of strength we can muster just to put one foot in front of the other? It never fails. At least you have a call into someone and it should be taken care of in a few weeks (fingers crossed). Poor Glory! She's such a sweetheart.

kathy b said...

ordinary daily life must be hard enough right n ow, without a tree down. Im sorry Friend. Poor little glory...more treats might help

Jean said...

Ohhh I like the idea of volunteers cutting the wood to use, if the wood is valuable you could even advertise for wood workers. Poor little Glory, especially with the warmer weather, bet she misses her little swims.

NMjewel said...

I loved your previous post about your beautiful dogs. Initially I was surprised you have 3, but they all sound precious. Hope things are moving along with the tree so you get your bridge back.

Jan said...

Just letting you know Marguerite, that I pray for you each time I call past, as I'm sure others do too.

Down here willows are a noxious pest in many areas but we planted them on a property we had in the bush to stabilise very sandy creek banks.