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Monday, July 25, 2011


Last week we got a flyer that read, "BELIEVE IT - High Speed Internet for 14.99 a month" plus many other tempting details from Frontier, our land line provider.

I had visions of being able to enjoy myself on Ravelry, reading my favorite blogs in one-tenth the time it takes me now, reading news articles without playing Spider while they load, being able to watch videos online, and other internet delights. I would have willingly paid big bucks for all this.

Using the link on the Frontier flyer, I was prompted to consider several plans and I wasted many dial-up minutes there figuring it all out.

When it came time to subscribe, a screen with big letters popped up: "Internet not available in your area." I'm still pouting. Frontier will not be easily forgiven for their undeliverable promise.


kathy b said...

Oh M.....Im sorry. What a let down. You will love it when you finally get it!

kristieinbc said...

That is so disappointing! I have lived in a rural area with dial-up so know how truly awful it is. Have you ever thought about getting a satellite server?

Dorothy said...

Well, poop!

Marie said...

You must have the patience of a saint--you put such beautiful things online, it's a shock to learn that your service is still in the dark ages. In that case, I thank you all the more for my favorite blog.

NMjewel said...

Grrr, I usually say. It's happened to me, too. (Even though I consider anywhere in Michigan more populated than anywhere in New Mexico!)
Hope to see a more recent "jaw" picture to compare with the first day!