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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Willow Tree Removal

Thursday a crew of three workers and one boss arrived with a crane, a chipper, a Dingo (mini forklift type thingy), and a huge cart to haul away wood too big to be chipped. It took them four hours to get the big fallen willow tree off the barn, off the septic system, and out of my life.

When there was about eight feet of stump left to use as a lever, the Dingo pushed the upended rootball back into its original hole along the creek bed. Then they chopped off the rest of the trunk.

Pappy was kind enough to sit on the stump for a photo shot.

It was four hours of VERY LOUD NOISE.

The chipper was chipping in the driveway, chainsaws were busy making manageable pieces, the crane was lifting out sections of tree as they were cut, and all the equipment went "Ding Ding Ding" each time it needed to move in reverse, which was often.

Sunny almost had a nervous breakdown. Glory had to be shut in the back bedroom so she would stop barking. Only Pappy thought it was interesting. He sat outside with me and watched most of the process.

Because the tree had fallen over our expensive and delicate above ground septic system, the removal was challenging. When I first saw where the fallen tree had landed, I wondered if it was going to be possible to get it out without septic system damage.

The Action Tree Service guys did a great job. They put plywood down on the drain field for the times they had to get across it and mostly used the little Dingo to drive on the mound.

They took over an hour to clean up the mess, even raking by hand to make sure they got everything.

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