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Friday, October 31, 2008

Doggy School Halloween Party

Pappy the Papillon Pumpkin. (my dog)

He wasn't all that thrilled to be "dressed", but he's a sweet, mellow boy and he put up with it. Once we started the games, I took his costume off and he was visibly relieved to be rid of it.

The party was a joint gathering of Pappy's class and Sunny's class. Sunny doesn't enjoy doggy partys, so I left her home. Pappy and I had a great time without her, and she was happy to skip it. Especially since we brought home lots of doggy treats to share.

Abbey the Schnauzer Hotdog.

Abbey was one of the hits of the costume parade. She was not excited about her fame. Good thing there were plenty of doggy treats to compensate for this indignity.

Barkley the Jack Russell Devil .

Of all the dogs present, Barkley was the most embarrassed at being dressed. He's twelve years old and thought his dad and mom loved him more than to make him wear this getup.

There seems to be a recurring theme here. The majority - a large majority - of the dogs did not enjoy being dressed up.

Grayson and Casey, the Australian Shepherd Biker and Cowboy.

These two were the exception. They were perfectly happy in their outfits. Grayson didn't even attempt to remove his goggles.

Casey is Grayson's biological father. Steve in the chair is their real dad - the dad who pays the bills.

Cheddar the 50's School Girl and Winona the Pug Working Girl.

Feeding treats is a good way to distract dogs who want to remove their costumes before the costume parade.

Cheddar won a prize for his costume which included a felt poodle skirt and saddle shoes.

Data the Bull Terrier Goldilocks.

Too funny for words.

Eddie Obama.

Eddie is wearing an Obama teeshirt and looks ready for his infomercial.

Pappy (on chair at left) was such a good boy to sit and wait for me while I went around taking pictures of some of his friends.

Favor the Australian Cattle Dog Farmer.

I'm not sure it's a farmer getup. Just guessing.

The jean shorts kept sliding off his butt. People kept pulling them up resulting in some discussion on "Is it possible to give a dog a wedgie?"

Gracie the Butterfly .

Please tell me I don't have to wear this!

Jane the Pit Bull Ladybug.

Jane was found wandering the streets and adopted by Gracie's family.

Now that she has a good home and lots of love, she's always a happy girl. She didn't even mind being dressed for the party. At least not much.

Kiva the Kerry Blue Terrier Clown.

The way Kiva prances around in class, she always creates smiles even when she's not dressed up in her clown outfit.

After the costume parade the dogs got to remove their clothing. We played some doggy games, and ate some good food. Tricks and Treats were had by all.

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