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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Chenille Back

Back is done and I'm ready to cast on the front. After knitting sweaters in the round all summer, it's a bit strange to know I have to cast on at the bottom of the sweater again to knit an almost identical piece.

Another thing I love about Knitpicks Options needles - almost instant stitch holders. Just unscrew the needle points and screw on the endstops. (The first things I love about Options are the sharp needle points and the flexible cords.)

And, speaking of Knitpicks, this Elann alpaca is not as nice as Knitpicks Andean Treasure. Almost as nice, but Andean Treasure is a little softer and more evenly spun. That's a comment, not a complaint. In fact Andean Treasure has less stitch definition than I'd like for a cabled sweater.

Pattern: Set-in Sleeve Aran from Janet Szabo's book Aran Sweater Design.

I'm calling it Chenille because the cable designs are similar to patterns found in old fashioned chenille bedspreads.

Yarn: Elann Peruvian Pure Alpaca, 100% fine grade alpaca, worsted weight.

Color: Creole Pink

Needles: Options #5

Gauge: 5 stitches/inch, 7.5 rows/inch

Variations From Pattern: Simple one stitch cross substituted for three stitch narrow cable that crossed on every row including the wrong side rows. I told myself I didn't want to twist the alpaca that tight, but the truth may be I was just too lazy. I do like the looks of the every other row twist better.

Zig-zags changed so sides mirror each other.

Used short rows to shape shoulders instead of binding off in ladders.

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Janet Szabo said...

Marguerite, I'd like to use your name for this design now because I think it's so appropriate. Would you mind?