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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Painful Pearl Finished

But not washed and blocked yet because we've been having water problems.

Once again I opted for the easy way and knit the sweater all in one piece with drop sleeves, small underarm gusset, and square neckline.

The yarn is 70% silk, 30% linen, giving it a nubby texture. I had to knit slower than usual because the yarn wasn't smoothly sliding on and off the needles due to the tight gauge. Still I managed to enjoy the process and I like the results.

The neckline lace triangle is repeated on each sleeve. That resulted in the sleeves being fun to knit instead of the usual big bore.

As previously reported, I repeated the horizontal lace across the shoulders on the back because I was weary of knitting stockinette. The result is pleasing to me.

Pattern: My own creation. I'm calling it "Painful Pearl" because knitting this yarn hurts my hands and the yarn color is Seed Pearl.

The horizontal lace pattern is the Garland Pattern on page 252 of A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns by Barbara G. Walker. Two rows of stockinette have been added before and after the start of the lace.

The lace triangle is adapted from the Idella Seamen's Scarf in Stahman's Shawls and Scarves by Myrna Stahman.

Yarn: Elann Soie Lin. DK weight. 70% silk, 30% linen.

Color: Seed Pearl.

Needles: Options #4.

Gauge: 6.25 stitches/inch, 9 rows/inch after washing.

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