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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Blogging Time Out Until We Dry Out

Here's the headline from the Kalamazoo Gazette:

Kalamazoo County May Seek Federal Disaster Declaration for Flood Damage

Photo taken from the 5th floor of the Medical Office Pavilion at Bronson Methodist Hospital in Kalamazoo Monday afternoon by Mark Bugnaski, Kalamazoo Gazette.

Kalamazoo County is about 3 miles East of our house. The picture was taken about 20 miles east of our house.

Here's the headline from Paw Paw, about 8 miles west of our house:

Weather Experts Confirm Paw Paw Tornado
A team of National Weather Service meteorologists has confirmed that an EF-1 tornado struck Saturday in Paw Paw, damaging several homes and businesses.

Here's the headline from Our House:

5 Inches of Water in Basement. Phone Line/Internet Connection Not Working.

Even though we live in a wetland, the creek/pond has always protected us from water in the house. This is the first time in our 17 years here the creek overflowed into the pond. The ground water rose past the level of our basement (which is only three feet underground) and came up through the drains and the floor.

We are actually lucky. Many many people had multiple feet of water in their lower levels. And/or tornado damage.

I'm trying to remember that we are lucky as we pump water out and clean up the mess.

That's what I'm doing. It's hard work and seems endless - but we're fortunate our damage is self-manageable. So time to get back to it.

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