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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Chat Back for August 23

Answering questions from comments and email.

Kathy asked . . .
And...you had an uneventful flight this time???

Yes it was. I even got home the day I was scheduled to get home.

I'm hoping that the Delta takeover of Northwest is responsible and that things will be better from now on.

Lynn asked . . .
I loved Kipper. He is such a sweet calm dog, great for slowing the kids down. However my almost 10 & 7 y/os just don't like him anymore. Is it wrong *I* still do?!?

I love Kipper and his friends.

What's there not to love about Kipper? Except there aren't enough episodes. Maybe the kids are bored because they've seen the same stories too many times.

Jenn asked . . .
Do you have any specific ways of keeping the squirrels out of your feeders?

Squirrel sitting under the squirrel baffle to get out of the rain while it eats sunflower seedsThe various baffles, methods, and feeders that claim to be squirrel proof are all a waste of money.

Trying to keep squirrels from the bird seed results in frustration and stress. The sooner you give it up, the more pleasant your life will be unless you enjoy a battle that can't be won.

Once you give in to the pleasure, the squirrels are actually fun to watch. This one is using his baffle defying skills to keep out of the rain.

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