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Monday, June 04, 2007

Monday Miscellany

Beautiful Lace Knitting

Silvia from the Knitting in Japan Yahoo list is knitting the cover sweater from this Japanese Pattern book.

She has a couple of good size pieces done and they're gorgeous. They can be admired on the Knitting Elegance Blog.

Now I Have Room for More Sock Yarn
Last week I heard about Ronni who uses little balls of left over sock yarn to make colorful chemo caps for teens.

I had a medium size bin of nothing but little balls of left over sock yarn. For years I've been thinking I SHOULD use them for something. All the projects suitable for leftover sock yarn are not projects I want to knit, so the balls have been multiplying in my stash.

Not any more. They're on their way to Ronni. She's happy and I'm even happier. And relieved that they're gone.

Monday Was For the Dogs
Glory and Sunny were both at the vet by 8:30 this morning.

Sunny had her teeth cleaned. For you non-dog people, a doggy dental requires anesthetic.

Sunny gets very nervous at the vet's office. I was able to hold and comfort her until she was drugged and hold her while she came around after. Our vets are very good about that.

As I was bringing a wobbly Sunny home about ten, Glory was just going in for surgery to have a large lump removed from her side. It turned out to be a ten ounce lipoma (benign tumor composed of fatty tissue) under her muscle and between her ribs.

Now, late evening, Glory is home but still very groggy. She has an Ace bandage around her body from front legs to back legs and we're supposed to keep it on and dry for three days. We may succeed if it will stop raining.

For those sweet readers who wondered why my stress level was at three in last Friday's post, it was about Glory and her lump. She's almost eleven years old and I won't feel completely at ease about her until she's back to her normal, perky self and driving us crazy while we try to keep her quiet and dry.

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