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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sky, Smiles, and Shetland Lace

Todays morning skySaturday Sky
There's a popular meme in knitting blog land called Saturday Sky that requests a sky picture each Saturday. I haven't officially joined, but I did find myself outside with a camera this morning taking many sky pictures, of which this is one.

After some much needed rain on Monday, it was a beautiful week in SW Michigan. Not too hot in the daytime and comfortable, cool sleeping weather at night.

Today the sky was blue with a few fluffy clouds. Perfect summer weather.

Sydney and greatgrandma on the sofa smilingLast month Mom and I went to Idaho to visit great-granddaughter/granddaughter Sydney.

It was the first meeting for great-granddaughter and great-grandmother. The results were just as happy as this picture indicates.

Thanks to son John for taking this beautiful picture.

Sock One of the Shetland Lace Rib Sock patternKnitting?
This week I've been knitting CIC toddler socks for the current sock challenge. My goal is six pair by the end of the month. As of this evening, I have only one sock left to knit.

When the CIC sock is done, I'll be going back to the Shetland Lace Rib Sock pattern I'm writing to post on this blog.

The first sock is knit, the pattern is written, and the second sock, the pattern test sock, is on the needles.

No promises on timing. This beautiful weather requires lots of time outdoors in order to sacrifice my blood to the resident mosquitoes and deer flies. I do pledge that the finished pattern will be next on the knitting agenda.

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