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Saturday, May 20, 2006

J is for Jade

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Over a decade ago during a very intense period in my systems analyst career, I was project leader for a new order entry and customer service system for a major pharmaceutical company that has now been absorbed by Pfizer.

The project needed programmers which at the time were not easy to find. We were a little skeptical when our management decided to bring in several contractors from India to help.

The skepticism didn't last long. We were able to interview and select the best. The Indians were hard working and talented. Once I got the feel for their accent, there was no verbal communication problem. Their written communication was perfect King's English. Their technical skills were awesome.

Padmaja was my favorite. We worked together for several years and I know beyond a doubt she was the reason for the excellence of the project. When there was something impossible complicated to do, it went to Padmaja. She took a day or two to understand it, and then it was created. Perfectly.

Jade box from PamajaPadmaja brought me this jade box when she went back to India to visit.

It's about eight inches by five inches. It's stone. It's heavy.

She brought back heavy gifts for many of her US friends. I believe I received the most beautiful.

I can't imagine how she packed them and traveled with them. Just another example of Padmaja doing the difficult and making it look easy.

Open jade box from PadmajaGranddaughter Kimmy has been fascinated by this jade box since she was a toddler. Every time she comes to visit she fingers it, opens it, shuts it, admires it. It will be hers someday when the time is right.

Meanwhile I will treasure it and enjoy the memories it brings.

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