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Monday, March 20, 2006

Knitting Peace Revisited

Last August, motivated by the stress of having too many things on the needles, I came up with a plan for Knitting Peace.

I've come up with two simple guidelines I believe are going to make my knitting life more enjoyable and productive:
  • Have no more than two projects at a time, a weekday project and a weekend project.
  • The weekend project will usually be CIC knitting, unless I've completed my CIC goals.

If you don't get picky about an occasional pair of socks or a completed project not sewn together for many months, I've done well with Knitting Peace - until last Friday when that evil Dorothy MADE me cast on Eris two weeks ahead of schedule. (Joke)

Seriously, FLAK was waiting for the next installment to be published. I had every right under the guidelines of Knitting Peace to cast on anything thing I wanted. The only project in process was the Catharina Shawl for CIC.

This evening, Janet posted the 7th installment of FLAK which is the entire body from the armpits down. Full of cables. A big, time consuming knit.

I now have two sweaters, FLAK and Eris, going at once and need a plan to maintain Knitting Peace.

So, this is what I'm going to do:
  • Finish Catharina and consider my CIC knitting done until the next challenge is announced in April.

    Doggy school was cancelled tonight (teacher has the flu), so I spent the time finishing up Catharina until I ran out of yarn. I had to order another skein. There won't be any more knitting on Catharina until more yarn arrives. Then there are only six very long rows to go and the shawl is done.

  • Knit the Eris collar and upper body until I get to the mindless stockinette stitch. If the five day weather forecast holds true and it really is too cold to work outside this week, I may be able to get that far by early next week.

  • Start back on FLAK once Eris becomes mindless. When fingers get sore from cabling, pick up Eris and knit stockinette. Try to stay calm and not mind that Dorothy is getting way ahead of me on Eris.

  • Knit a few linen lace swatches from my Stahman book and start plan my next Faroese shawl. (This does not fit in the Knitting Peace plan at all. But it's spring and I want to knit a linen shawl! It will have to wait until the FLAK body is done or I find a way to rationalize the violation of my carefully thought out Knitting Peace plan.)

  • Knit Heather's Embossed Leaves birthday socks on trip to Idaho, April 19 to 26.

Don't hold me to any of this. It's a plan just asking to be changed. For tonight, it gives me Knitting Peace.

There is no reason to hurry with FLAK. It's heavy, it's wool, and I won't be wearing it until next fall. Hey, that sounds like the start of the rationalization needed to start the linen shawl.

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