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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Surprise Times Three

Rainbow Ripples in Opal Elements 1070Remember these Opal Elements 1070 socks from last February?

Many many readers asked where I got the pattern and I wasn't able to help because it hadn't been published yet.

Rainbow Ripples in Tutti FruittiRemember these Opal Tutti Fruitti socks from last November?

Same pattern and same story. In fact, I almost didn't use the pattern again because I knew I was going to have to field pattern requests and wouldn't be able to be help.

The pattern, Rainbow Ripples, has finally been published! And SURPRISE, it's free in the February issue of the Opal Chatters Newletter.

Surprise 2, Only DH was Surprised
Since I've only been married twice I can't swear that all husbands are like this, but both of mine were. They do not hear what they don't want to hear about little things around the house and car that might turn into a bothersome or expensive problem.

Last time I was in DH's Jeep, there were mouse turds in the passenger seat. I told him. He didn't look. He ignored me, even though after fifteen years of living in the country I have become an expert on spotting mouse turds.

Yesterday DH and Glory (dog) were driving to the library and he spotted something moving on the console.


Guess what it was. Do I even have to finish this story?

It was gray and white. It was cute. Glory didn't see it. By the time he pulled over, it had disappeared.

I'm going to think twice before I get in that Jeep again.

Surprise 3, The Little Rabbit is Hopping Fast
I know that you've all been watching my little rabbit hop through the purple flowers on the sidebar and nodding your heads in approval as I drop the weight I gained over the holidays. Right?

It's been a very pleasant SURPRISE for me to see the weight come off so easily, 9 pounds in 5 weeks. I credit the teaching of over a year of Weightwatcher's meetings and a strong desire to get the little rabbit out of the flowers and into the cabbage patch.

I confess to eating half a carrot cake on and about my birthday. Fortunately, carrots were zero Weightwatcher points when I was a member. I can eat as many carrots as I want. The other ingredients don't count on a birthday.

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