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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Second Doggy Beach Party

Pappy swimming in Lake MichiganThree weeks ago after the first doggy school picnic at Hagar Shores on Lake Michigan, we immediately planned a second.

Last night was the second doggy beach party. Like the first, the bring-a-dish food was great, the weather was beautiful, the company of other dog lovers was very pleasant, and the dogs had a great time.

Unlike last time, I brought Pappy instead of Sunny and the waves were gentle enough so the little dogs could swim.

Teacher/trainer Gail took Pappy out in water way over his little doggy head and gentle sat him down in the lake. I was waiting for him at the shoreline and he swam right in to me.

Check out his tail. I never noticed until I saw this picture that he kept his fluffy tail up over his back and it didn't get completely wet. In doggy body language that means he was happy. Or at least I'd like to think he was happy.

Dogs on the beach at the second doggy school picnic

From left to right:
  • Jazz the Maltise
  • Sis the toy Poodle
  • Molly the Sheep Dog mix. Jazz, Sis, and Molly are all part of the same human family.
  • Dahle the Bull Terrier
  • Pappy the Papillon, looking wet because he is wet
  • Riley the Boxer mix
  • Favor the Australian Cattle Dog
  • Downy the Chow mix
  • Casper the Corgi
  • Effie the Corgi

Please let me know if I misspelled a dog's name and it will be corrected.

Both pictures were taken by Downy's Mom, Anna. Thanks Anna.

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