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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Weather Blahs and Knitting Blahs

Glory on a windy fish hatchery walk and a swan in the rough water of the pondYesterday it was windy and cold - but it didn't snow. Glory and I went for a mile walk at the nearby fish hatchery. On the shaded left side of the road not showing in the picture, there is still some snow. Little by little spring is winning the battle.

We're overdue for some spring weather, but the snowflakes are whirling around in the air today. Even though it's a little above freezing, there is a cold wind and there isn't much thawing going on.

It's perfect knitting weather, but I haven't felt like knitting much this week.

Before I started Stitches of Violet, a break in knitting hardly rated a second thought. Last night I sat down and read a paperback mystery cover to cover and had to assure myself it was an OK thing to do even if I wasn't going to have any knitting content for today's blog. I need to continuously remind myself that there is no reason this blog should be altering the way I choose to spend my days.

Do other knitting bloggers struggle with this?

Knitting on the Lavold Silky Tweed sweater is feeling like an endurance contest instead of a pleasure. I do not like knitting with cotton yarn, especially lumpy cotton yarn that splits. It's getting so I can't pick it up without thinking dire thoughts about my yarn buying decision.

I am determined to finish the sweater. I will finish the sweater. I hope it's nicer to wear than it is to knit.

On a brighter side, I've started knitting the Backyard Leaves scarf from Scarf Style using Knitpick's Andean Silk. Andean Silk is the complete opposite of Lavold Silky Tweed. It's soft, smooth, fun to feel, easy to knit, and I'm loving it.

Pictures soon.


Maureen said...

I agree! I too get in a knitting/crocheting slump! And sometimes days go by before I feel like I can pick up a project again! Of course I feel the same way with boks/reading too! oops I haven't picked up a book in three whole days! Better go see to that!

Lisa said...

Isn't funny how we humans can take something fun and relaxing like knitting, or writing a blog, and twist it all around 'til it somehow becomes work and an obligation?? Silly, silly, silly. Enjoy your reading, enjoy your knitting, enjoy your blogging. Just enjoy! (Ok, now let's see if I can follow my advice...)

Julia said...

I think we all struggle with maintaining balance. The blog helps me focus on knitting and planning projects. My husband thinks I am obsessive when I knit. It's my nature to be intense, but I do quite a lot of other things. The knitting is my joy and the blogging is my community as I don't have knitting friends locally. I think it's okay to blog about non-knitting things, we don't knit in a vacuum. We are also more than just knitting machines; we are parents, partners, employees and citizens. Lavold is lovely, knit it when you feel like it - sometimes it helps to take a break and knit other things. Or read a novel.

margene said...

We all struggle with balance in life and knitting. Since blogging I do knit much more but I don't really feel a need to change as yet. We're all feeling that winter ennui, too! Come on spring!

Mz Mar said...

I think most of us are feeling the same way! It's called "Spring Fever"!! I get so restless this time of year it's hard some days to settle down and do anything! I've been sock knitting and reading back and forth.My blogging has suffered because some days there just isn't anything except my bad mood to write about~~and who wants to hear about that??
Spring is coming!!

Birdsong said...

Sometimes life gets in the way of life.... I love my knitting too, and even packed a small and medium project into my bags to take to the conference where I worked this past week. I just got home, only posted to my blog once, but not about knitting at all, and didn't really get to squeeze near as much knitting in as I would have liked. However, the experience I had was once-in-a-lifetime in quality, and I even got to spend yesterday afternoon and evening in Disneyland, so I'll just have to knit another time! Thanks for always posting such lovely pictures. They bring peace every time I visit.

Cassie said...

I do find sometimes that I push myself to knit or do something so I can take a picture or talk about it on the blog. So far, that's been good. It hasn't produced pressure really, but acted as a motivational force.

Don't let it change your days, but just write about what happens. I think there are very very few people who are such knitting prodigies that they show huge amounts of progress every day. Yes, its impressive, but no one expects it each and every day. We're all human and have lives outside our blogs.