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Monday, March 14, 2005

End of Winter Walk

Picture of ***** Pappy and I went for a walk at the nearby fish hatchery today.

Most of the ponds and lakes in the area are still ice covered, but there is open water at the fish hatchery. It must be because they filter and recycle the water in the ponds thereby keeping it moving. Maybe they even heat it a little - but I really don't know that.

Anyway, this time of year the unfrozen water is a huge attraction for all types of water birds.

When Pappy saw this path full of geese, he was in no hurry to go forward and neither was I.

In some places where people feed the geese, they become very aggressive in their demand for food. I wasn't sure if these geese wanted something from us or not. The only thing I had with me to feed them was Pappy.

Picture of *****It appeared the geese at the fish hatchery are wild.

They didn't want to be anywhere near us, and they flew off while Pappy watched.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures today!

Judi M.

Birdsong said...

Thanks for such beautiful photos. Things are in full bloom around here, but I kinda miss the type of spring you have, slow, with lots of little beautiful discoveries.

Maureen said...

Love the pictures today. Thanks for encouraging me on my sock heels! Finally I am successful! I just printed out your shale socks and have them on the top of my to-be-done pile! They look great no matter what!

Marguerite said...

We just need a little more snow to melt before we can see those little beautiful discoveries Birdsong mentioned.

Maybe tomorrow.