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Monday, April 21, 2014

First Decisions

We met with Kelli today To start making decisions about Oak Haven.

We selected the siding, a light warm brown color, and were given a book of front door sidelight options to study before our next meeting. The shakes will be the light option to go with the darker siding. All the roofs in the community are the same, so no decision required.

Eventually we will get to pick the color of our front door out of the allowed colors. I'm leaning toward the red. Jay likes the blue. Neither of us cares enough to quibble over it. We may throw the die. Or wait and see what our neighbor picks to make sure we have something different.

Kelli walked us around the blueprint to make the final decision on the window types and locations so they could be ordered.

We briefly talked about the orientation of the condo on the lot and the driveway's relationship to the fire hydrant. The condo will be staked out in a few days and we'll be able to see how it's going to sit. We were assured the fire hydrant will not be a problem.

Then we got into the fun stuff. Picking out the cabinets and hardwood floor. We looked at samples of color and style until our heads were swimming. At least my head was swimming. Jay claimed to be fine.

We were sent away with a book of cabinet styles and colors. Enough information to keep us busy talking for two weeks until the next meeting on May 5.

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