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Saturday, June 02, 2012

Feeding Sweet Stuff

The female grosbeaks are enjoying the orange in the oriole feeder.

Several people have asked me about this wonderful feeder. It's Poly-Recycled Oriole Feeder SNOF.

There are two spikes to impale the orange and two removeable plastic cups to hold the grape jelly.

If you're going to feed sweet stuff you want to have a Trap-It Ant Moat for Hummingbird Feeders, Red Bulk to keep the ants out.

I have a moat on the hummingbird feeder and the oriole feeder with 100% no ants getting by it.


Judy S. said...

That's a nifty birdfeeder! Sure wish we had orioles to go with it. We need "tops" for our feeders to keep squirrels and other varmints out of the food. BTW, thanks for the M&M post; I got some for our upcoming family reunion!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo! We don't have Grossbeaks but when you mentione the ant moat last year, I got one for my hummingbird feeder. No ants! Thanks for the info.

Unknown said...

My local bird store said she has heard that peas also attract the orioles--she said with jelly side-by-side to peas, they chose the peas. Next year, I'm going to try an orange feeder like yours.