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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Louise Lunch, May 12, 2012

Louise Lunch is our annual Mother's Day/Heather's birthday celebration of four generations of women with the middle name Louise.

Since daughter Heather is being honored twice, once for being granddaughter Kimmy's mom and also for her birthday, she gets to choose where we meet. This year she selected Applebee's.

As usual, I was too busy having a good time to remember the camera until we were almost ready to leave.

Granddaughter Kimberly Louise (left below) just graduated from high school and was looking forward to going to a prom that evening.

Daughter Heather Louise (right below) is 100% nonphotogenic unless she is unaware of the camera. So glad I could catch her with a natural smile on her face.

My mom, Margarete Louise (below), always takes a beautiful picture.

The many gifts that were exchanged were all packed away by the time I got my camera out.

Each of us got a bag of personalized M & Ms. I took the picture at home. Just before I ate them.


kathy b said...

Oh those cute M and M's
she's ADORABLE. I want to look that good

Judy said...

What a lovely bunch of Louises!

Judy S. said...

What a great tradition! Had no idea you could get personalized M & M's. How fun!

Lynn said...

This is such a fantastic tradition!!! And I always enjoy seeing your mom!