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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday Wings - Nestbox Report for June 15

First the Bluebirds used this box for a brood of four. That mostly happened when the weather was too cold and/or wet and/or windy to open the box, so I don't have pictures.

Once the Bluebird young fledged, the wrens adopted the box and filled it with sticks to the brim. They are sitting on eggs now.

The way Wrens build their nests, the cavity is much lower than the nest box hole. The adult Wren has to go up and over the sticks before it can go down to the eggs or hatchlings. If I open the nest box, I'll crush the pile of sticks, so there won't be any any pictures of Wren eggs or young Wren hatchlings.

In a different box: The Wrens are sweet, energetic little birds full of song, but I find them annoying when they take over the nest boxes.

After reading that moving the nest boxes away from nearby trees and shrubs would discourage the Wrens, I moved this nest box to the front of the property in a small garden in the middle of the lawn. In less than a day, a Wren couple had claimed it.

The young Wrens have fledged now, and I'll be emptying out the box to see if it attracts something else for a second nesting.

One of the nest boxes out back has a Tree Swallow brood that's ready to fledge.

When I walk within twenty feet of the box, I can hear the young Swallows chirping away and see them peeking out of the box hole.

Monday the parents were yelling and dive bombing me as I approached the nest and this little guy or gal stuck his/her head out and joined in the scolding.

It's a big world out there and he/she can hardly wait to get out in it.


kathy b said...

We hear and see a wren, but no nesting for it. YOU are so lucky. You work for it though I know. You are a careful and consistent feeder! Love the shots

Alwen said...

The tree swallows are pretty, at least, and I know they eat a lot of insects. They sure are territorial!