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Friday, August 06, 2010

Late Summer Bluebird Hatch

I was doubtful these eggs would survive sitting in a nestbox in the sun with most days hitting ninety degrees or more. But they did. Wednesday evening the chicks were rolling out of the eggs.

The first one out, on the left, is looking for his/her first meal.

The second one out, in the back, is uncurling.

The third one out, on the right, is still folded in the shape of his/her egg.

And there's one more blue egg to hatch.

By late Thursday morning, all four chicks are out and being fed. Mom Bluebird doesn't need to worry they're going to get chilled.

That's a third little beak behind the two obvious beaks. The fourth is face down on the right.

The first few days of post egg life, the hatchlings will open their beaks when I open the box. They know someone is there and they hope it's with food.

Hard to believe in less than three weeks they'll have feathers and leave the nest. I never tire of the miracle.


Judy said...

I never tire of the miracle either.

(i do tire of the heat!)

Jean said...

The baby birds touched my heart, what a miracle life is. Your blog is one of the sweet things in life.

Lynn said...

What great pics!!! I have to say though, I'm surprised the birds dont mind you touching the nest. I'm glad they don't, it lets you get great pics!!!

Alwen said...

Baby birds are the most ungainly-looking things, compared to their parents!

Susan said...

It's so nice to see these babies! The Peregrine Falcons have chased away or eaten most of the other birds around here. I miss the song birds.

Kristin said...

What an honor to have bumped into you at the grocery store. I am afraid I was a fumbling idiot, you see, I was seraching my braid as to how I recognized you and when I finally figured it out, I had no self control. I love your pictures, stories of family, and of course your knitting projects.

Debs said...

I so love reading your blog. I'm in Grand Rapids, so I'm having this stultifying heat and humidity also. My black cocker has almost given up, while my old buff, Millie, lies right on the bricks in the sun!! Disappointment over pattern fitting is why I don't knit for myself anymore. I'm not quite sure designers know where my boobs and armpits are!