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Sunday, May 13, 2007

12th Annual Louise Lunch

This post is totally family pictures in case you want to bail out now.

Louise lunch started when Kimmy was named Kimberly Louise, the fourth generation of women with the middle name Louise.

On a Saturday in May the four of us meet for lunch to celebrate Mother's Day, Heather's May 13 birthday, and our love for each other.

As Kimmy once told a friend, "If your middle name isn't Louise, you can't come."

This year, as many others, we ate at Clara's in Battle Creek.

Left to right: Daughter - Heather Louise, Mom - Marguerite Louise, and Granddaughter Kimmy - Kimberly Louise.

By the time I handed over the camera to Heather and showed her which button to press, no one was being serious.

Left to right: Granddaughter Kimmy - Kimberly Louise, Mom - Marguerite Louise, and me - Marguerite Louise.

We all received a gift to suit our interests.

Here's Mom giving thumbs up to her new Donald Westlake book.

I'm appreciating all the compartments and pockets in a new knitting bag.

Heather is holding her handknit birthday socks. (Sock details here.)

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